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So, after two workouts....

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I've decided not to join the running/triathlon club I'd found here in Munich.<br>
Here in Germany, most sports run through clubs, and most clubs are pretty willing to take on new members. I went to a couple swims, and only had one person tell me so much as their name. Maybe the club is too big, maybe it's just a Munich thing, but I'll be relying on folks here to provide some more motivation than usual.<br>
My last swim workout, everyone followed the same plan, but nobody made an effort to swim together. At that point, what's the point of going to a group workout. It was 5 guys in a lane all doing the same workout, on their own time. <img alt="confused.gif" src=""> And, they're organized Germans, to boot. That kind of convinced me that I can follow my own swim workouts, and swim on my own in the morning. Oh well.
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Try talking to some of the members and see if some of them actually open up to you. I work for a German company and have been over there on many business trips. The Germans come off as being cold, but they really aren't. One of my colleagues in Munich opened up so much once she found out I was a runner. We had that bond. We are no longer work colleagues but still stay in touch via e-mail and talk about running all the time. Give it a chance. Or you could try to find another club, but my guess is that someone has to make the first move and break the ice. Good luck.
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