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snowy TGIF 1/7

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<p>Good morning peeps! </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Had an early start today and was up for a 6 am snowy 5m around town.  Snow wasn't too bad yet but at least yea it's Friday!  Crazy thing was I ran past a house with their window unit air conditioner on...  It's 23 degrees out, snowing and they have the air conditioner on...?  Go figure, it's amazing what you see early in the am running thru the neighborhood.</p>
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Greetings, all.<br>
Today was my first setback of sorts in '11. Wanted to get three miles in after taking yesterday off but I had nothing so I stopped running at two. Walked briskly the rest of the way. I would be a fool to think these experiences would just "go away" but hopefully they will occur far less frequently going forward.<br>
No snow here yet.<br><br>
Good runs, all
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