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Snowshoe help needed

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Hi everyone,<br><br>
I've been going out more and more on my snowshoes. I love 'em! I have two problems though. The first is that I find that my foot tends to rotate within the binding, even though I tighten it as much as I comfortably can. Is this normal or are they just crappy bindings? The model is the Tubbs 10k (see attached pic). I was thinking that maybe some type of grippy material on the foot pad part of the binding may prevent this (like grip tape for skate boards). Any thoughts?<br><br>
The other problem I have is when the snowshoe occasionally hits my ankle....My god that hurts!!! Does anyone wear any kind of ankle protection to prevent this? ...or do people just use a wide stance (a la Senator Craig).<br><br>
EDIT: The attached image didn't seem to work, so here it is posted online:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href=""><img alt="LL" src="" style="width:525px;height:394px;"></a>
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Hi Chris, I just got started with the snowshoes. I have the Atlas 1025's 8x25. As pcmarathonmommy say's the bindings are completely different. I don't have trouble with my foot twisting in the binding as the toe grip and stainless steel heel cleats work pretty good. When I have gotten down in a narrow trail I have had my snowshoe come in contact above my ankles and it does smart a little. Overall they are easy to run in but can sink in deep powder or soft snow. Have fun with your shoes! Larry
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