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Snow Ice Cream

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<p>Ever make it?</p>
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<p>When I was 6 to around 13 years old my mother made it every time it snowed.  Today I'm somewhat concerned with the quality of the air snow passes through so I'm not a big one on snow ice cream.   Can't say I wouldn't eat it, though.</p>
<p>You make ice cream out of the snow.  I don't remember a lot about how my mother made it other than she mixed in vanilla extract with the fresh snow but it was great.  As good as homemade ice cream at a minimum.</p>
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<p>And I agree with Tech Tee there probably isn't enough junk in the air to really harm you eating snow ice cream.   I just got out of the habit of having it and since I don't know how to make it, it's a handy excuse.   In reality if Tech Tee or a neighbor bought over some snow ice cream, I would indulge.</p>
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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