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Ski question - this is Multisport after all, right?

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This spring I think I'm due for new skis... I'll wait for the season to end, to get the best deals. My skis are 7 years old, and they're kind of a beginner level.<br><br>
I'm looking for some recommendations for new skis. I need something for advanced level. Nothing crazy, like freestyle, off-slope or deep powder, but stable and good enough for any double diamond. I prefer a good brand, like Rossignol, Salomon, Atomic, etc..<br><br>
Can anybody enlighten me? Really don't know much about skis, I bought mines when I started to ski and the only criterium was the $100 sale price.
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I'm heading out to Heavenly in a couple of weeks for three days of skiing. Like you, i'm looking to potentially buy some skis at the end of the season. I'm becoming a pretty good advanced skier. I can get down single blacks and some double blacks and can hack my way through the deep powder. I want a good "do it all" ski that is somewhat forgiving and suitable for an advanced level skier. Here's what's on my radar:<br><br>
1. Volkl Unlimited AC30 Titanium<br>
2. Salomon X-Wing 10<br>
3. Scott P3<br>
4. Fischer Watea 78<br>
5. Atomic Nomad Whiteout<br><br>
Of course all of those may not be available, but I'm sure I'm going to get to try the Volkl and the Salomon.<br><br>
Good luck shopping, and some of last years skis are still out there, so good deals can be found.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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