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Ski question - this is Multisport after all, right?

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This spring I think I'm due for new skis... I'll wait for the season to end, to get the best deals. My skis are 7 years old, and they're kind of a beginner level.<br><br>
I'm looking for some recommendations for new skis. I need something for advanced level. Nothing crazy, like freestyle, off-slope or deep powder, but stable and good enough for any double diamond. I prefer a good brand, like Rossignol, Salomon, Atomic, etc..<br><br>
Can anybody enlighten me? Really don't know much about skis, I bought mines when I started to ski and the only criterium was the $100 sale price.
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Can't speak to the ski question (I figure mine are probably 13-14 years old by now), but I can say that an investment in good boots raised my enjoyment of skiing exponentially. If finances are tight (and whose aren't these days?), if I had to make a choice between a ski upgrade and a boot upgrade, I'd think about the boots first... I guess that really is dependent on how good/aggressive skier you are though.<br><br>
Ah. You might be missing out on good ski/boot/binding package deals from local stores if you decide to go on line ... I never really think about skis that much (like I said) - mine are 13-14 years old (mid level when originally purchased) and - given the skiing I do, I don't feel particularly hampered by not having the latest shaped skis or technology.<br><br>
What do you ski? I assume since you're from the Jersey shore, you primarily ski in the East - although that might be a bad assumption.<br><br>
Sorry to state the obvious.<br><br>
I guess I don't know the condition of skiing down in Jersey ... Here in NH, I have access to a number of ski stores - and rarely do I see ski equipment advertised at full retail. I've priced stuff over the Internet and have definitely been able to buy stuff locally for as good a price (if not for less), and depending on the time you hit the stores, you may get some good bonuses thrown in (last time we bought equip. for kids, they threw in a couple of ski passes to a local mountain).<br><br>
As others have suggested, maybe your best bet is to hit a ski store local to the resort you're going to ... esp. near end of season.
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