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Ski question - this is Multisport after all, right?

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This spring I think I'm due for new skis... I'll wait for the season to end, to get the best deals. My skis are 7 years old, and they're kind of a beginner level.<br><br>
I'm looking for some recommendations for new skis. I need something for advanced level. Nothing crazy, like freestyle, off-slope or deep powder, but stable and good enough for any double diamond. I prefer a good brand, like Rossignol, Salomon, Atomic, etc..<br><br>
Can anybody enlighten me? Really don't know much about skis, I bought mines when I started to ski and the only criterium was the $100 sale price.
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Will you be doing any skiing between now and the end of the season? If so, I recommend going to a ski shop, telling them what kind of skier you are, and getting some skis to demo. This works even better if you are going someplace for about a week and can demo a different pair every day. A ski that may be a good performer for one person, may not be good for another. Your ability, weight, height, and muscular fitness can all play a role in determining the best ski for you. Most of the major brands will likely have a ski for your needs, but finding a particular model is where demoing comes into play. If you can't demo, see if you can get your hands on the ski buying guide the ski mags put out at the beginning of the year.
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