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Should I fly to Timberman

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Should I fly to Timberman?

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I found 266$ tickets I would have to rent a car and fly my bike out but I think it would be cheaper and obviously faster but I don't know how much of my east coast tour I would get in.<br><br>
If I drive I get to go to VT and ME and a bunch of those other little states that I haven't seen yet but I'm sure I will some day. Choices! So many Choices!
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Seems like you're searching for flights WAY early! Who knows with training, life, etc., whether it'll still be on your plate.<br><br>
That being said - not sure how driving is from wherever you are to Columbus, OH - but there is a low-cost carrier that (currently - but again, who knows in a few months) flies into Portsmouth NH, and advertises at least six $10 fares on a leg. You might be able to get a plane there and back for less than $40 RT.<br><br>
It also flies from Milwaukee to Columbus, and then you may be able to book a flight from there. Right now (out in May), it looks like you could get a R/T ticket from Milwaukee to Columbus for $40, and then book from Columbus to NH for an additional $40 R/T.<br><br>
Unfortunately, it's too far out to price an August ticket but - if you're fairly flexible timewise, you could score a good deal. Their schedule's kind of a PIA though - it's not like they have a bunch of flights, and whenever I've contemplated going with them it seems like at least a one night hotel stay is required to make all the connections.<br><br>
Not sure about cost to ship bike either (although that could probably be done through a separate carrier like UPS or someone).<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
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