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Should I bandit Boston?

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so I'm thinking about doing Boston as a bandit this year. i have been training for a marathon at the end of May but I feel I'm at a peak in my training right now, and I'm not sure I can hold it another 8 weeks. I've been training with a friend who is doing Boston so my schedule has been a little like his.<br><br>
I feel I can do a comfortable 3:10 so I won't embarass myself.<br><br>
Anyone tried this? I can make a pretty good replica of his bib on the computer and as long as we don't run right next to each other we should be OK.<br><br>
Should I do it?
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I gotta say, this thread has given me the first good belly laugh I've had in months! Thanks, Alan, and everyone else who contributed.
Laugh!? it started as a joke but I'm loving all these ideas and am now seriously considering it!<br><br>
Can't you just picture me jumping into corral 1, in a pink skirt, orange jog bra, Yankee's hat, NY Giants scarf, 18-1 sign, headphones, fuel belt, spiras, poorly photocopied bib and then sprinting off at breakneck speed to gert on TV when the gun goes off, only to start my gallowalking after 400 metres.
<br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Sounds like fun! But the Gallowalkers go at least 4 minutes before they walk!
Alan - make sure to have a smoke during your Gallowalks as well!
i dont think i can do 4 minutes at the sub 5 minute pace required to stay in the front so it needs to be just 400m
Thanks for the great laugh. I watched a race on and the person taking the video called the runner keeeping up with the elite guys "Joe Jogger".
<img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> this is funny, even 4 days late!<br><br>
you need to wear a tutu!!
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