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Should I bandit Boston?

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so I'm thinking about doing Boston as a bandit this year. i have been training for a marathon at the end of May but I feel I'm at a peak in my training right now, and I'm not sure I can hold it another 8 weeks. I've been training with a friend who is doing Boston so my schedule has been a little like his.<br><br>
I feel I can do a comfortable 3:10 so I won't embarass myself.<br><br>
Anyone tried this? I can make a pretty good replica of his bib on the computer and as long as we don't run right next to each other we should be OK.<br><br>
Should I do it?
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I've run Boston (4) times. And if I go this year it will be #5. I qualified to run it, which means I have to spend money for a plane ticket/hotel/cab/food,etc. I earned my way there just like everyone else. Heck, even the charity runners earn their right to run the race. Not by qualifying, but by raising money for a great cause.<br><br>
To answer your question: No you shouldn't!<br>
I'm assuming you have never run a marathon so why would you want Boston to be your first. You think you can run 3:10 on this course, but beware.<br><br><b>Edited to Add: Current marathon PR from Blog: "4:10:10"</b><br><br>
I find it interesting how someone always brings this topic up right before the race.
It always feels good when you can answer your own questions.<br>
Keep plugging away! There is no doubt you will qualify for the race.
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