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Should I bandit Boston?

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so I'm thinking about doing Boston as a bandit this year. i have been training for a marathon at the end of May but I feel I'm at a peak in my training right now, and I'm not sure I can hold it another 8 weeks. I've been training with a friend who is doing Boston so my schedule has been a little like his.<br><br>
I feel I can do a comfortable 3:10 so I won't embarass myself.<br><br>
Anyone tried this? I can make a pretty good replica of his bib on the computer and as long as we don't run right next to each other we should be OK.<br><br>
Should I do it?
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I think you should. There will be several people who signed up for the race who will be a DNS, so, you will just be taking their spot on the road. If you are running a 3:10 like everyone else, you will fit right in and nobody will even notice you.<br><br>
Also, make sure that you run through the finish line and demand a medal and blanket as you finished like everyone else. Check to see if they have any leftover shirts for the race to, if you do the race, you deserve it, and if you BQ for next year, kick and scream for them to use your time this year as your BQ as well.<br><br>
Have a happy Patriots day.
Usually 42 year old guys from California suggest banditing around April 1st.<br><br>
Check your calenders fellas.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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