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Shot in the Dark 4 mile race - Downtown Cleveland<br><br>
Clear and sunny 81F, with steady breeze at 5:30p<br><br>
Normally a fun night race, a concert at the arena near the start/finish changed the start time to late afternoon. After the race, a local tavern hosts a street party with food, drinks, and a band that played well into the night. With a concurrent 2 mile race, there was a large field. 900+ runners in the 4 mile.<br><br>
After a three mile warm-up, I decided to stick with the trainers and not race in flats. A couple strides before heading to the start to stretch and was a little rushed - the race started about 5 minutes early!<br><br>
I had no idea what I could run since this was, by far, the shortest race distance for me since last year. My recent training suggested I should run near 25 minutes.<br><br>
The course starts in downtown near the arena and Jacobs Field. The first mile (6:13) included a long uphill grade as we crossed the Lorain bridge towards Ohio City. As we crest the top of the bridge I see at least 5 dozen runners ahead. Breathing in check as I find a good pack.<br><br>
Mile two (6:19) continued heading west before turning north in Ohio City. Increased breath rate starting sooner than I wanted, so I tried to relax and save for the second half of race. The heat and direct sunlight was taking a toll.<br><br>
We complete the tour of Ohio City and arrive at Detroit Rd. for the return trip to downtown. Right after the third mile mark (6:17), we cross the Detroit-Superior bridge, which is bit steeper than the first bridge. Passing runners steadily throughout, sub-25 was still in the cards but would require 6:10 last mile. Not sure I had six minutes left in me as the breathing was maxed out by now.<br><br>
After decending the bridge, the last 1000m were a gradual uphill that crushed my spirit. I somewhat gave in to the pain with 800m. Funny how attitude changes in matter of seconds. The cheering crowd lined the streets and I found a kick in final 400m finishing mile four (6:12).<br><br>
Final time - 25:01<br>
Place - 36th (915+ runners)<br><br>
As much as I could expect, VDOT increased since last measurement of 4 weeks ago. This race falls somewhere inbetween 52-53 and was expected since introducing intervals in the past couple weeks.<br><br>
Cooled down 2 miles before heading out to the street party. The cover band playing at the race was called <i>Punch The Clown.</i> Hung out all night and as a bonus, there was another outdoor concert festival going on in the city. Around 10pm, we walked over and caught the main act and jammed old school style to Grandmaster Flash. The best part of the night!<br><br>
A night of outdoor fun in downtown Cleveland. <img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src="">

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Running well and throwing it down old school. Nice going!
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