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How much mileage do you get out of shoes

  • 200 miles

    Votes: 8 6.6%
  • 300 miles

    Votes: 48 39.3%
  • 400 miles

    Votes: 32 26.2%
  • 500 or more

    Votes: 34 27.9%

Shoe mileage poll

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I know this has been asked ad nauseum, but I'm curious. How long do your shoes usually last (mileage wise)? Mine don't seem to do very well past about 200 miles. I realize that I'm not graceful and I'm sure my form is terrible. Does my size affect it? I'm 5'7 and about 142 or so, which I think is about average. I wear cushioned shoes if that matters.<br><br>
What kind of mileage do you get?
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I wore my 1977 Nike waffles around the Hayward Field track for a warm up before the inaugural Eugene Marathon in April and took my blue Brooks Vantage from 1980 to the Capital City Marathon in May.<br><br>
However, I ran both races barefoot as I haven't purchased a pair of running shoes since 1999 and, counting the waffles and vantage, have only needed six running shoes in thirty years and nearly 100 marathons.<br><br>
If I need shoes on rough chipseal, etc. pavements or rocky trails, I wear thongs, aquasocks or other thin-soled footwear recommended to avoid twisting ankles and exacerbating an old knee injury from 1990 that got me running barefoot in the first place to strengthen foot, ankle, knee and calf muscles.
I have been breaking in a new pair of Brooks GTS 7s these past few days.<br><br>
So far, so good. I am not noticing any big difference, one way or the other, as compared to the 6's
Trevor I think I hate you. Why do my Asics last barely to 300? I'm almost 40 lbs lighter than you!<br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="sad2">
I second this. Somehow for me, it almost always works out to just about 300 miles, maybe a little more. (I have been wearing Asics GT 2210's). I tried Brooks Adrenalines, but had nothing but problems with them and finally gave up at about 200 miles.
I would like to change them more frequently to be on the safe side, but even with the discounts I get I can't justify new shoes that often. It'd cost a fortune!
I run in Saucony Triumphs. I am on about pairs #15 and 16 now. Before that I ran in Saucony Shadows. All of them have been good for about 500 to 600 miles per pair, although I will use older ones if I am on a soft track or treadmill. (I have a TM with a flex deck.) Lately I've been thinking about finding something lighter for races, but still want to stay with cushion shoes. Triumphs are fairly heavy at around 11 oz.
I wear brooks Radius and get about 300-350!<br><br>
The mizunos I had I only got about 250 when my knee really began to hurt!<br><br>
The NB I use to wear I would get right at 300 not much more.<br><br>
I settled with the Brooks because the got the most distance and are still in better shape than the other brands I have tried.
I get ummmmm 200, yeah, that's it. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="dontknow"><br><br>
The good news is that shoe wear is increasing as weight is decreasing. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
Asics 20x0 and 21x0 series with usually 600 to 700 miles per pair, though the recent 2120s I have/will cut the mileage shorter as they appear to be "losing it" a bit sooner. My knee (very out of the ordinary) is feeling it a bit as well. I've heard the 2130s are better - here's hopin'.<br><br>
I get about 300 roughly out of Brooks Adrenaline. Had mizunos and they didn't last much more than 200. Used asics 2100 series, but don't know the mileage. I use asics DS trainers for races and speed work. They last me a whole year. 200 or so miles.
How do you determine they are no good anymore? I discontinue after 500 or so miles, but there is nothing in terms of pain that tells me to do so. I think I accumulated 800+ miles on my first pair of running shoes until I heard that you should not run in them for more than 500 miles.
I usually cannot tell the difference until I get a new pair, I used to use the CR running log then swap when I hit 4 hundred, seemed the safest way to me.
300 on Trail shoes, 400 on Road shoes. I kind of run only on the outside of my feet and wear them into the midsole by that point, other parts of the sole are like new. By 300 the trail shoes are pretty torn up. My Sportiva and Inov-8 grippy trail soles wear out real fast on pavement. I've gotten 400+ from New Balance and I'm working on some Saucony Trigons. My history with shoes is brief though, would love one of those 700 mile pairs but I'm sure my stride is too wacky for that.
I get:<br>
400 out of Adidas Cairos (no longer made)<br>
400 out of Adidas trail shoes<br>
350 out of Asics Evolutions (I'll never buy them again...not enough miles)<br>
25 miles out of NB 580 (not a typo...)<br>
650 miles out of Mizuno Renegades<br>
900 miles out of Asics Gel MC+<br><br>
I determine mileage solely based on knee or foot pain. I haven't ever had major knee trouble, and don't want to start now. So as soon as my knees get sore, I chuck the shoes. I have had a bout of serious PF in both feet some 6 years ago when running on a pair of shoes that had too many miles. As soon as I feel some grumpiness in my PF, I chuck the shoes. Works like a charm. So far, I've latched onto the renegades and MC+s because they last longer. The evolutions were a total disappoinment due to the longevity issue. The NB580's were just terrible shoes, something about the way the shoe was made caused the footstrike to be very jarring. Immediate sharp knee pain. Tried for a couple weeks then just tossed em.
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I'm with you, Billy. But losing weight hasn't helped much. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Sad"> Guess I just have a shoe-hostile gait. Plus I have dodgy knees and I'd rather shell out the $ for new shoes than buy a new knee.
I really don't know, I rotate them, when I can see my feet thru the bottoms, I usually throw them out. Larry
I see I already posted in this thread a few months ago, never mind <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused"><br><br>
(too bad we can't delete the post)
I have just about 200 miles on my first pair of running shoes, and I am going to go buy new ones this week. I don't have any knee pain, but I have hip pain on my right side that I am hopeful is just caused by needing new shoes.
I've been getting about 400 out of Asics Nimbus and have recently started wearing Brook Glycerins which I have over 500 miles on each pair..... time for a new pair <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
I get about 300 miles out of my Brooks Beasts. It doesn't help that I go 215-220lbs. It kills the cushioning in the shoes and then I have to get new ones or I get back/knee/ITB problems.
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