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How much mileage do you get out of shoes

  • 200 miles

    Votes: 8 6.6%
  • 300 miles

    Votes: 48 39.3%
  • 400 miles

    Votes: 32 26.2%
  • 500 or more

    Votes: 34 27.9%
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I get:<br>
400 out of Adidas Cairos (no longer made)<br>
400 out of Adidas trail shoes<br>
350 out of Asics Evolutions (I'll never buy them again...not enough miles)<br>
25 miles out of NB 580 (not a typo...)<br>
650 miles out of Mizuno Renegades<br>
900 miles out of Asics Gel MC+<br><br>
I determine mileage solely based on knee or foot pain. I haven't ever had major knee trouble, and don't want to start now. So as soon as my knees get sore, I chuck the shoes. I have had a bout of serious PF in both feet some 6 years ago when running on a pair of shoes that had too many miles. As soon as I feel some grumpiness in my PF, I chuck the shoes. Works like a charm. So far, I've latched onto the renegades and MC+s because they last longer. The evolutions were a total disappoinment due to the longevity issue. The NB580's were just terrible shoes, something about the way the shoe was made caused the footstrike to be very jarring. Immediate sharp knee pain. Tried for a couple weeks then just tossed em.
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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