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Had an up and down week. Tuesday I picked up an Olympic Bar, but got home too late to get a chance to use it.<br><br>
3 rounds for time<br>
400m run<br>
50 25# dumbell thrusters<br>
That smoked my arms pretty good<br><br>
Thurs off<br><br>
200m run<br>
DB swings - 25#<br>
Box Jumps<br><br>
so it is done this way<br>
200m run<br>
15 of each exercises<br>
200m run<br>
12 of each exercises<br><br>
all the way down to the final set of 3<br><br>
time 19:42<br><br>
Saturday had a block party, lots of lifting and running. Made a 20# medicine ball out of a basketball.<br><br>
Sunday played hockey, lots of hockey. did I say i played hockey tonight <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
i did my measurements this morning and here are some of them:<br>
chest is now 42" (was 44)<br>
waist is now 36.5 (was 37)<br><br>
My weight as of yesterday morning was 193 (down 3 lbs)<br><br>
Based off this information my BF is about 18%<br><br>
I hurt my shoulder playing hockey tonight so i am hoping it is just strained and i can get in some serious workouts this week. Tomorrow is a rest day so that is a plus. Although I didn;t do much over the weekend, there was a lot of listing of furniture and tables and tents and BBQ grills, etc<br><br>
Good work this week chris. that is a lot of pushups and crunches. Get some pullups and dips mixed in there.<br><br>
more measurements in the am
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