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How did your week 1 go?<br><br>
My week was basically a warm-up week to get myself back into the routine, I did some testing, and some short workouts.<br><br>
This week, I start getting a little more intense and going a little longer.

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I lost a pound, which surprises me, because I took three days off of exercise and didn't watch what I was eating. No change in my measurements.<br><br>
Goal this week is a solid 45 min - 1 hours of cardio each day, and to continue working on my core.

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I had a good week. I met all my "behavior goals" and was 3.5 lbs down at my weigh-in. Assuming that weight loss wasn't a fluke, that means I have 5 lbs. to go now to be at my weight.<br><br>
This week is different because I'll be traveling to Miami for a fitness conference. The good thing is daily spinning, yoga & pilates. I already bought food to pack for for breakfast and between-session small meals, in the hopes of curtailing any and all vacation-type eating out to 1 meal a day. In the past traveling has been very tough for me to maintain my good eating practices/weight, so I'm a little apprehensive about that.<br><br>
These are my goals:<br><i>My main goal is still whittling away at ~8 lbs. that are mainly due to being off of running this spring. Losing those should result in smaller measurements in the arms, waist, and hips (still need to take these). I would like to get my %BF back down to 19-20%, as well (current is 22%).<br><br>
Behavior goals are:</i>
<ul><li><i>continue to steer clear of processed carbs, soda, and added sugars</i></li>
<li><i>mind-body exercise 5x/week (yoga or pilates) in addition to cardio</i></li>
<li><i>daily meditation practice for stress management</i></li>

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Well I did about zippo core stuff this weekend. School has been wrapping up so lots of tests and projects plus track winding down. The 2 meets took up 2 nights completely so once school and track are over I'll have an easier to work with schedule. Until vacation that is...

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Ok, so starting last Sunday:<br>
Played hockey. After the game I came home and did this:<br>
5 rounds for time<br>
4 pull-ups<br>
12 push-ups<br>
20 squats<br><br><br>
Five rounds for time of:<br>
400 meter run<br>
25 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps<br><br>
for time<br>
20 pull-ups<br>
41 push-ups<br>
41 squats<br>
Weds: Off<br><br>
max rounds in 20 min<br>
5 pull-ups<br>
10 push-ups<br>
15 squats<br><br>
9 Rounds<br><br>
Took Saturday and Sunday off<br><br>
3 rounds for time<br>
50 back extensions<br>
50 situps<br>
Eating was ok this week, not great. Really need to work on that, but seeing as it was a holiday weekend and my birthday, what the hell <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
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