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Would you "get your freak on" if no one could ever find out?

  • No - I am happy with my current freak

    Votes: 11 55.0%
  • Yes - I would go to KW and get my body painted

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Yes - I would go to a beach and prance around naked

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Yes - I would go to a uninhibited club and know

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • No - I am at full freak level right now anyway!!!

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Yes - I would like to try ........

    Votes: 3 15.0%

SEX part 2

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This is a poll. I pulled this from the SEX thread.<br><br>
If you were away from home, and there was no way your antics would get back to haunt you, would you do sexy stuff you would not do otherwise? An example - going to Key West and getting your body painted, Going to a Carribean beach and prancing around nearly naked, going to an uninhibited club and ...well you know!!! This radio personality down here calls it "getting your freak on".
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<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
No need to hide it. I'm obviously discreet where my son is involved, but other than that, Boy and Girl both know I'm on the kinky side and wouldn't think of keeping me from expressing myself in that way.<br><br>
Besides, I don't want to go to my grave having said no to something like being the topless ring girl at a Co-ed baby oil wrestling event. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
It was an offshoot of a poly-friendly housewarming party.
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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