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Both of you seem to be really tuned in your body’s needs and how to address them.

SB - we enjoyed the town of Pinedale. Sounds really cold half marathon in spite of the calendar saying middle of Sept.

Yesterday was annual Triple Trail Challenge (fundraising event for a local Mtb chapter, connecting three trails some of which are open to Mtb only this day a year). After party is alway a fun. I’m so lost my motivation and can-do attitude … sad face…. Rode with DH the first 18miles, skipped the next 12-ish mile (including some serious hills) came to a major rest stop, did an easy 5-mile trail there and waited for him like 1-hr. Saw many friends who were doing the whole thing and felt shamed and defeated (my own making). Then after DH’s return we continued on to finish another 14miles (he had enough by that time and we took 4-miles off by taking a short cut). Total 35miles, about 3.5hrs moving time. I GOT TO CHALLENGE MYSELF next year. Spent find time at the after party. Always great to see all familiar faces.

Sunday, we finally got to take care of some work around the house. And ran 5miles.

DD was home for a day (after visiting/finishing her certificate program at U of Chicago while staying with her bro), and left again for some east coast trip. As she can work from anywhere, visiting a few fiends. Will be gone for a month. A good combination of seeing her often but see her doing her own thing :).
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