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Schools closed already here in CT...

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I guess we're gonna get hit pretty hard with snow later today.<br>
Woo-hoo !<br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="banana"><br><br><br>
While it may seem a little silly to cancel school before the first flake flies, I'm actually appreciative that I don't have to do the alternative, which is take the kids to school, monitor the web obsessively for early school closings while at work, and finally make a mad dash from the office to my kids' school in the middle of a snow storm when school eventually does get closed.<br><br>
Working remotely rocks.
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No, slush would not be nice! Snow is nice. Slush isn't.<br><br>
Schools closed by 8:00am in CT. Kids are already at school over here in RI. I guess they'll be getting release early.<br><br>
I think I'll set put those "screw shoe" instructions to use today.<br><br>
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