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Saturday, Sept. 24 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Daily run. Kept it slow and easy. Race tomorrow. Good chance this will be the first time my son will beat me. I'm not going to just hand it to him though. He'll have to run hard and earn it. Should be fun.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>49m 58s - 5.59 miles - 08m 56s/Mi<br><br>
8:30 AM <br><br><br>
Equipment: Nike Pegasus 08/11<br><br>
Warm/upper 60s - Sunny and light wind. Crwaford/Grinnell/Bradley to trail to Main/Esther/Widefield/Hackberry to Community Center trail to Lindstrom/Upton/home. Short slow easy effort. Stretching afterward.</p>
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3200yd group swim. Happy to have the group workout back thus fall. Then mtb, but had to bail after 30min due to a fall which literally took my breath away......<br>
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