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Saturday, Oct. 1 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good morning, TEAM LIT!</p>
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<p>Major Shout-out to Cake: Our very own Cake graced the e-newsletter of Max Performance, an organization that puts on triathlons locally. She was featured as Athlete of the Month! Congrats, and nice write-up!</p>
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<p>10 mile run early this morning with a bunch of others in 1:20 exactly.</p>
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<p>Great weekend!</p>
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Sometime it is hard to look at a positive side....<br><br>
1 HR on an exercise bike. Watching a TV mindlessly fits my mood these days.<br>
Followed by b-fast with the tri club friends, great to catch up with some, especially Jon.<br><br>
This rib still gives me pain.
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