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Saturday, Oct. 1 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good morning, TEAM LIT!</p>
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<p>Major Shout-out to Cake: Our very own Cake graced the e-newsletter of Max Performance, an organization that puts on triathlons locally. She was featured as Athlete of the Month! Congrats, and nice write-up!</p>
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<p>10 mile run early this morning with a bunch of others in 1:20 exactly.</p>
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<p>Great weekend!</p>
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<p>Nice Cake!</p>
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<p>Great Pumpkin Race 10K this morning. The course is on dirt roads and trails at a local farm. More of an XC type of course. For some reason I always run well here and today was no exception as I set a new PR. This was the final race of a 6 race series and I won my AG in the series by a wide margin. Fun day! Second race of the weekend tomorrow is a tougher XC course of about 6K that features running up a creek for almost a mile. Hopefully I won't hurt too bad when I start.</p>
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<p>08m 30s - 1.00 miles - 08m 30s/Mi<br><br>
8:10 AM <br><br><br>
42m 45s - 6.20 miles - 06m 54s/Mi<br><br>
8:30 AM <br><br><br>
Equipment: Nike Zoom XCS 2<br><br>
Warm/mid 60s - Sunny and calm. Great Pumpkin Race 10K. On dirt roads and trails at Venetucci Farm. I always seem to run well in this race and had a great race. New PR!</p>
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