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Saturday, November 12th - Workouts!

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<p>Good frosty morning friends!  I'll be dressed as an elf dancing around the city for a kickoff event promoting this movie...</p>
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<p>Depending on the day I'll likely get in a workout later tonight.  Happy Saturday!</p>
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<p>Sparty - what a fun!  Make sure to post a photo of Elf You!  My DD is called back to the movie set this Tuesday.  *I* am excited - I haven't seen J. Franco yet.</p>
<p>Reg - 4500, 4500, 4500!!!</p>
<p>Julie - glad to see you back running, yay!</p>
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<p>3100m swim FIB the breakfast with the club friends.  FIB dropping off DD at her dance then 10miles run.  3miles to the trail, 4miles in the woods and 3miles back home.  Beautiful, beautiful fall day in Michigan.  Lots of chores to do around the house. </p>
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<p>Guess what tomorrow is...... Cyclocross race (gulp...).  Please keep your fingers crosse that I wouldn't hurt others and myself.  I was informed there was a sharp turn at the bottom of a hill full of slippery leaves.  And cambered turns where rides slippling down....  It will be fun.  </p>
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