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Richard - I fueled / hydrated right the night before, during and after <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
I was happy with todays run - 1st long run of back to back longs this weekend - all on pavement - I have a 7 mile loop with a bathroom about 1/2 way and my car for an aide station. It was my 1st time ever carrying a hand held water bottle - I am more of a camel back person.<br><br>
#1 57:54<br>
#2 56:59<br>
#3 55:45<br>
#4 55:16<br>
#5 53:31<br>
#6 52:27<br><br>
Total a bit over 5 1/2 hours<br><br>
In loop # 3 I met a friend out running, so I turned around and ran about 1/2 mile with him and the 1/2 mile ish back in 8:23 - I did not count that in loop #3.<br><br>
Total mileage around 43 miles.<br><br>
I am hoping to feel good enough to do at least 20 tomorrow.

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MIke: that is Awesome!!!!! You have come back fast!!!!!!!!!<br><br>
I did bike, walk, core and stretch today... I also drank a ton of water... cooking spaghetti right now... and making my morning breakfast and food to head out for another 20 tommorow morning before work!!! I will hydrate... I will run slow! I will eat food! I will be smart! I will be smart!
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