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SaturDay, March 19th

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Getting forced to go in early again tonight. That will give me 76 hours this week.<br><br>
Gonna get a quick 8 mile trail run in<br><br>
Jill- good luck today!!
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<p>Up stupid early to go run circles.  Um, no, not sure why I decided to do this run on the track.  One stop after lap30 for water, Gu and stretch.  Probably stopped too long, but whatever.  Was able to finish it out for a skosh over 12mi.  Bit slower than I'd like, 8:56pace.  But, laps right at 2:26-2:28 (lane6), so at least I was steady.  Athens is certainly a scratch.  Now looking at Earth Day, which is two weeks later.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>BBS--those are crazy hours!</p>
<p>Jill--GOOD LUCK!</p>
<p>Workout #2 in the books.  BEAUTIFUL afternoon for a spin.  Certainly feeling this morning's run, but felt good to get out there.  Took a route that son1 found a few weeks ago.  Nice route.  SPRING is here!  Spring peepers are out in full force, as are the first of the spring wild flowers.  I was riding along, letting my mind wander, when I looked over in a field and saw... Uh, what the heck?!?!  A CAMEL!  What is a camel doing here?!  Pace wasn't what I had hoped for, but given the 12 this morning, I'll take it.  23miles</p>
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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