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Saturday, June 25th

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Morning everyone<br><br>
Yesterday I got in 5 miles on the bike.<br><br>
Today I am headed to the trails for 9-10 easy miles.
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<p>Back from Bloomington!  deCycles left this morning, heading for Batesville, IN.  Tomorrow I'll meet them in Cambridge, OH with baked goodies.  Just outside the church where we stayed last night there was a rails to trails.  Still plenty of day light after the rider meeting, and huh... who duh thunk!  I just happened to find running gear in my overnight bag!  Super easy 3mi trot.  Intersting because the trail went from crushed limestone to single track and back with no rhyme or reason.  Oh well, it was a BEAUTIFUL run.</p>
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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