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Saturday, July 2nd

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<p>Good morning runners</p>
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<p>I ended up getting a run in yesterday at 4pm when it was 93*.  4 miles in 31:57.  It was a little hot.</p>
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<p>Today is a rest day.  I will go pick up my race packet today to beat the crowd tomorrow. I may see if DS wants to get a little run in later too.</p>
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<p>RA- My goal for this race is just survive.  I'll be happy with sub 21 since I really have not trained for this race and I have always sucked at summer time evening races.  Good luck with that fire truck today.</p>
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<p>Morning dudes,<br><br>
We'll it looks like I'll get through this little trip without putting running shoe to pavement. Woke up too late this morning & now we have to get ready for the wedding. Flying home @ 6am tomorrow, so back to normal then I guess.<br><br>
Too bad, the weather here's been nice. Oh well stay cool down south if you can.</p>
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