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Good morning all. An early call from fellow Kickrunners colleague Horrible Peanut, and we met up for a Saturday morning run around Dublin. It was dry, overcast, but warm enough, and we ran around the Ringsend peninsular, going close to the Waster Treatment Plant and the smell emanating (YucK!), that made us pick up the pace a little, but teh view once you round the head and turn back towards the mainland is worth it - The Dublin Hills, shrouded in low lying clouds, and Sandymount Strand glistening in the shafts of sunlight slipping through the clouds - The world of James Joyce brought to life on a run.<br><br>
Mike and I ran around 7 miles, back along the quays and I dropped off allowing Mike to continue on for another 40 minutes or so. We ran together for 61 minutes, a good workout and good conversation - The best way to start a weekend.<br><br>
Happy Running everyone.<br><br>
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