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Saturday, December 25th

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<p>Merry Christmas to everyone.</p>
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<p>6 mile on the treadmill this morning.  2 mile WU; 3 min sprints, 2 min recovery with 3/4 mile cool down.  It is a start!</p>
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<p>Hope everyone has a wonderful day.</p>
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<p>Early morning trot for me.  Usual route which is around 4.5m.  Later than usual, so no Christmas lights.  But, I did get to follow another runners footprints through the snow.  Got back and put the sticky buns in the oven.  They're ready, but no one is up yet.</p>
<p>Dan--come on over!  The second pan of sticky buns didn't even get touched.  </p>
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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