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Saturday, December 10th

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<p>Morning peeps</p>
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<p>Man, I guess my legs aren't quite recovered yet... 3&4 milers on the TM felt OK, but yesterday's run was a set back.  Quads are still sore from yesterday's run.  Was planning on doing 8 today, but I guess I'll opt for some more rest. Maybe try something short and easy again tomorrow on the TM before church</p>
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<p>BBS--listen to your body.</p>
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<p>Fixin' to get ready to go for a run.  Yep.  I"m going for a run.  Eventually.  It's freaking 17* this morning.  Isn't that too cold to run?  Yah, I guess I might warm up once I get out there.  But, it's COLD!  I don't really wanna run.  Busy day ahead so if'n I'm gonna run, I gotta go now...  Stay tuned.</p>
<p>Ah well, at least I managed to get out there.  Planned on 10.  Just wasn't happening.  Physically I am totally drained.  Got out there and managed 4 laps 'round the lake then called it a day.  Might re-try the long run early next week.</p>
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