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Saturday, December 10th

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<p>Morning peeps</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Man, I guess my legs aren't quite recovered yet... 3&4 milers on the TM felt OK, but yesterday's run was a set back.  Quads are still sore from yesterday's run.  Was planning on doing 8 today, but I guess I'll opt for some more rest. Maybe try something short and easy again tomorrow on the TM before church</p>
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<p>Nice work all.  Went to the gym and hit up the rowing machine, some quick weights and core.  6300m in 30mins while my butt was going numb.  Last night we went to a talk by Jeff Spencer (chiro to Lance Armstrong during the TdF) - more of a movitational speach than technical.  Luckily we are not living in van down by the river.  Tonight it's UFC139 at our friend's place.</p>
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