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5.25 miles @ just over 7:30 pace. Things seem to be coming along nicely, although my groin bothered me a bit when I tried picking it up more. The threshhold pace for my groin is dropping. My ankle was bothering me a little bit, but that's almost 100% also. Good news.

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{{Notey's groin}}<br><br>
Wait ... I didn't think I said that out loud. This new site ... it's invading my private thoughts and secret desires! Dammit!!<br><br>
Anyhow: I'm thrilled that the threshold pace for your groin is dropping. That really sounds like a good thing, particularly for an aging gent like yourself.

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10 <b>very hilly</b> ones. Ran the "old" Mountain Goat course. Much tougher than the "new" course. Pushed the uphills as hard as I could and recovered on the downs. Nothing broke and feeling good.<br><br>
Everyone have a good day!

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I was only going to do 6-8 miles instead of my normal 12 or so today b/c I'm doing a 5K race tomorrow. Then, I decided to do a local 5K today instead of the 6-8. I'm really glad I did...I ended up with a big 32 second PR and broke 20:00 for the first time. (I hope the course wasn't short <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) Now the pressure if off for tomorrow's race.<br><br>
I wore lightweight racing shoes for the first time today. That may have helped a little bit.

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Schedule called for 7 at General Aerobic with 8x100 strides. In starting out I felt sore and tired and my legs were moaning and grumbling and my hip was whining. I despaired of even getting a recovery pace. But I told my appendages to suck it up and pushed until it burned and then pushed some more when they started to swear at me, and the lo and behold in about half a mile they were behaving.<br><br>
Mile 1: 8:36<br>
Mile 2: 8:03<br>
Mile 3: 7:42<br>
Mile 4: 7:29<br>
Mile 5: 8:00 (from 5.5 to about 6.6 was the repeats)<br>
Mile 6: 8:16<br>
Mile 7: 7:54<br><br>
Total - 56:04 / average 8:01. Oh, and my MP is 8:00. Hilly course.<br><br><b>SHUT UP LEGS AND SUNDRY APPENDAGES</b><br><br>
Notey, take it from me, if you yell back at them all they listen. Whip 'em into shape. Well, maybe not your groin, but you know what I mean.<br><br><br>
DG - I'm thinking of running my 13 miler tomorrow on the hill. I prefer these "very hilly" runs on trails to runs on pavement.<br><br><br>
Rhody: <img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hairy: Quit hugging other people's groins

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an hourish worth of yard work~<br><br>
I'm in a sleep-deprived crankyass schlitty mood today, and didn't feel like doing a 'formal' workout<br><br>
Yard work in the sunshine helped a LOT to get me feeling closer to WHEEE!

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Hi all,<br><br>
Did my hill repeats workout tonight. Something neat during my 1st hill repeat. I reached the top of the hill, and what is right in front of me as I start the descent, but a gorgeous, large rainbow. It had to be the biggest rainbow I've ever seen, and it was quite bright.<br><br>
Anyway, here's the data on the run.<br><br><span style="font-size:300%;"><b>Daily Run Report - Hill Work</b></span><br><br><b>Date:</b> 04/28/2007<b>Time:</b> 16:52<br><b>Run Type:</b> Hill Work<br><b>Distance:</b> 10.5 miles<br><b>Total time:</b> 01:38:18.5<b>Average Per Mile:</b> 00:08:52.8<br><b>Climbing Time:</b> 00:22:59.6<b>Climbing Miles:</b> 2.5<b>Avg:</b> 00:09:11.8<br><b>Descend Time:</b> 00:19:33.4<b>Descend Miles:</b> 2.5<b>Avg:</b> 00:07:49.4<br><b>Course:</b> Complete Home Hill Repeats Course<br><b>Max HR (for entire workout):</b> 180<br><b>Average HR:</b> 153<br><b>Shoes:</b> Mizuno Wave Rider 9 - 02/2007<b>Date Entered Service:</b> 02/23/2007<b>Ending Mileage:</b> 353.3<br><b>Weather:</b> Partly cloudy. Felt a lot windier than that!<br><b>Temperature:</b> 62<b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air<b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Temperature:</b> 55<b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air<b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 50<b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 49<b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Wind speed:</b> 1<b>Max Gust:</b> 9<b>Direction:</b> SE<br><br>
It has been a long week at work and I am very tired. I very nearly decided not to do the run tonight.<br><br>
Once I got out there, I felt pretty good. I kept focusing on foot speed. Kept telling myself "quick and light, quick and light".<br><br>
Wind was a headwind on the long climb, and it felt more than 1 mph. It was a real help climbing the short climb and the long descent.<br><br>
The last hill repeat was pretty good. That's the 2nd fastest hill repeat I've done on that course. (fastest is a 7:20 and some change).<br><br><b>Run Segments<br>
NameTimeDistanceAvgMile HRAvgHRTotal Time</b><br><b>Warmup00:24:56.02.7500:09:04.014215100:24:56.0<br>
.35 climb00:03:04.60.3500:08:47.4169157<br>
.15 desc00:01:30.20.1500:10:01.3140154<br>
.15 climb00:01:43.20.1500:11:28.0167155<br>
.35 desc00:02:39.20.3500:07:34.9148152<br><b>Hill-200:08:51.31.000:08:51.30000:42:44.5</b><br>
.35 climb00:03:04.00.3500:08:45.7173161<br>
.15 desc00:01:26.00.1500:09:33.3146161<br>
.15 climb00:01:42.20.1500:11:21.3167156<br>
.35 desc00:02:39.10.3500:07:34.6151153<br><b>Hill-300:08:40.91.000:08:40.90000:51:25.4</b><br>
.35 climb00:02:58.10.3500:08:28.9174160<br>
.15 desc00:01:25.00.1500:09:26.7148163<br>
.15 climb00:01:36.70.1500:10:44.7170160<br>
.35 desc00:02:41.10.3500:07:40.3153153<br><b>Hill-400:08:25.41.000:08:25.40000:59:50.8</b><br>
.35 climb00:02:57.20.3500:08:26.3176165<br>
.15 desc00:01:20.20.1500:08:54.7157167<br>
.15 climb00:01:38.00.1500:10:53.3173164<br>
.35 desc00:02:30.00.3500:07:08.6158161<br><b>Hill-500:07:38.21.000:07:38.20001:07:29.0</b><br>
.35 climb00:02:47.10.3500:07:57.4180163<br>
.15 desc00:01:13.20.1500:08:08.0171176<br>
.15 climb00:01:28.50.1500:09:50.0180174<br>
.35 desc00:02:09.40.3500:06:09.7174176<br><b>Cooldown00:25:45.82.7500:09:22.114915101:33:14.8<br>

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Today I was a spectator at my husbands triathlon. He did great, and I'm so proud of him. It was a run 5, bike 12, canoe 9 miles thing. I got lots of walking around town and hiking up and down river banks while waiting for him to reach various points.<br><br>
I also did a full-body flop while attempting to clamber up a muddy bank, leaving me looking quite bedraggled. My husband looked positively fresh in comparison. <img alt="wink.gif" src="">

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Fox-Runr - Is he toooo slow?<br><br>
No computer at home - saturday I went downtown Appleton to find Bingo to help him run 2 hours @ MP - Never found him, but I found 7 other poeple doing a long hilly run - Ran 22 with them and then 2 of us ran 1 person home and on the way back did 2-2.5 miles a little faster than LAT pace. Total run 28 miles.
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