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Sat - Sept 1

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Is it Sept. already? Today is a non-running day, but I wanted to walk for an hour (OHW). I was on an out and back course. When I got to the point of having to turn around I could see the turn around for the 5K, so what the heck I walked to the 5K turnaround.<br><br>
Total walk took about 1 hr 14 min, that includes a short visit with the neighbors who were out walking.<br><br>
Hope all have a great day.<br><br>
How can I be a master, when I haven't mastered anything?
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Not too busy here today. I gotta get me one of those ticker things.<br><br>
5 easy miles early this morning with a half dozen striders thrown in. 17 tomorrow, so we had spaghetti tonight. I'm already getting tired of pasta and there's still six weeks left to the race. Gulp.<br><br>
Have a great weekend.
Hi, Susan. Striders (or strides or strideouts) are short, fast interval repeats. I.e., you run fast for 100 meters, rest by running slower or jogging for some period, then repeat. The objective is to improve running form and running economy.
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