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I never saw this word used so much until I came here. Is it a Canadian thing?<br><br>
Is it preferable to use instead of "the?" That seems to be how it's used. Why not just say "the?"<br><br>
--------------<br><br><i>I ate a candy bar today. <b>Said</b> candy bar was $2.<br><br>
Should the originating officer leave and another loan officer assume the credit relationship, how much time will be required by <b>said</b> officer to acclimate themselves with, not only the extensions of credit, but with the borrowers also.</i><br>
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I suppose "aforementioned" would work too.<br><br>
See, I'm down with diversitishness.
But but but (butts are for cigarettes) "the" would work instead of "said."<br>
Yes "the" is used frequently here but at least it would be consistent.
Thanks for all of your posts in this thread. I didn't respond to them all, but I treasure them. For realz.
NOOOO! Feel free to hijack! Really.<br><br>
I like that threads are just a way for people to start yakkin'.<br><br>
I like the band name tangent. Roll with it, bro'.
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1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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