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How in the world do you choose one? I may have asked before, but I don't remember if it was in here. Is it a personal butt feeling or is there a one size fits all saddle? And do you guess what would feel good? Is there protocol for this? My saddle is getting a tad more unbearable, and apparently it's not just me as I have read many reviews on my bike (Trek 5000 2007), and most changed out the saddle pretty quickly.
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I have the Terry Butterfly Ti saddle and LOVE it. It came on my bike! I do need to tilt it a bit now that I've installed aerobars. I agree that you should fiddle with the position (pressure in front, tilt forward, etc...), but sometimes you just know it isn't a good saddle for you. Most bikes will come with a racing seat that is definitely not made for women (or many men!) One saddle may work for one person and not for you. It all depends on your sit bones. The saddle should support them. That's why there are men's and women's because women have a wider pelvis (and if you've had babies it is all out of whack!! LOL) More padding and gel usually make it worse because then your soft parts are sitting right on some padding. It doesn't matter how soft that padding is, it is gonna hurt! That's why you see the cutouts in the middle. You just need to support those sit bones.<br><br>
So, how do you choose? Well, I know Terry will let you try one out for 90 days. I think you can get one through your LBS. Also, most LBS will have several styles of saddles as test saddles and they'll let you take them and try them out. Then, they can get an idea of the style and make some suggestions. You're not going to be able to tell just sitting on it for 10 minutes at the shop on the trainer. You can get close that way, but it may feel different after riding for an hour or 2. Plus, it might be a bit uncomfortable the first few times you ride on it, so you have to ride a few times.<br><br>
Heather- I saw that one. That's a racing seat, which means it is going to be narrower. I doubt it is as comfortable as the Butterfly, but everyone is different. It is "faster" and has titanium rails and a leather cover, but mine also has titanium rails and a leather cover. Sometimes DHs get caught up in the "features" and forget about the comfort. He probably read the part where it says "best for performance and competition," which does not = comfortable! If you only do sprint races (which I know you don't), then it would be o.k., but I'd go for comfort over performance myself (because it isn't going to make much difference unless you are SUPER fast) My guess is you have a racing seat on your bike now, so you probably don't want another one, but this one might be better for women. Only you can tell. I'd definitely check out the Butterfly (they have a regular, titanium, and now a carbon one).
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Have you tried the Butterfly now that you've changed the position? It may still not work, but you said you tried a bunch and none of them were right. Then, you just changed the position. The position can make a huge difference. I agree that the Damselfly looks quite uncomfortable. Saddles are a very personal thing. You have to get a good LBS that will work with you, and when you come back and tell them what part didn't work, they should be able to suggest another one that will be closer.
The cutout may certainly help, but if the saddle is too narrow, it will hurt regardless. I'm guessing that's the problem with your current one. I can ride on my Butterfly for hours (it has the cutout, but it is wider in back). The only time it hurts some is when I'm on my aerobars for a long time. That's because I don't have it tilted, though, so I'm sitting more on the nose. Just tell DH to let you try a few, and YOU'LL decide! It is your butt, not his! Just as he cannot just go buy you the best running shoes and expect them to be perfect for you, he certainly can't just give you what he thinks is the best saddle and expect that it will be perfect for you.
It depends on where it is hurting. If it is in front (on the nose), yes, tilting can help. I like mine pretty much parallel to the ground, otherwise I feel like I'm sliding off. I need to tilt mine, though, for riding on the aerobars.<br><br>
Yeah, what is it?
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