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How in the world do you choose one? I may have asked before, but I don't remember if it was in here. Is it a personal butt feeling or is there a one size fits all saddle? And do you guess what would feel good? Is there protocol for this? My saddle is getting a tad more unbearable, and apparently it's not just me as I have read many reviews on my bike (Trek 5000 2007), and most changed out the saddle pretty quickly.
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I am having a hard time getting comfortable in the saddle this year. I don't know why... weight loss, saddle issues? Who knows. But I do know that DH suggested I start researching and get myself a new one.<br><br>
Of course he might have been joking. According to him, my on sale, $700 road bike is worth $6,000. I keep showing him pics of real $6,000 bikes. He says to keep dreaming. One day baby, one day.....
I actually moved my seat forward, just a smidge, and then raised my seat just a little. I haven't messed with the tilt at all. Might that help?<br>
I'm riding tonight, so we'll see how it goes.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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