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<p>I didn't see that he had posted the news here, so I will.</p>
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<p>Rustyboy aka Russ McGarry, his running buddy, Gary Vale, and his non-running friend, Carl the Mailman, have started a new ultra running podcast - 3 Non-Joggers.  Their website is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and you can download their podcasts through iTunes.  I've had the pleasure of listening to 3 episodes so far and am thoroughly enjoying them.</p>
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<p>Their theme song:</p>
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<p>Two runners and a mailman in a basement in Portland</p>
<p>Discussing all the issues that no one finds important</p>
<p>Opinions, they got ‘em, but experts, they ain’t</p>
<p>Technology as current as Microsoft Paint</p>
<p>They cover lots of topics, from running to walking</p>
<p>And if they sound intelligent, that’s just the beer talking</p>
<p>These are not classes, they talk out their asses</p>
<p>No knowledge is dropping, but still there’s no stopping</p>
<p>The Three Non-Joggers podcast</p>
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<p>So if you like the podcast, please pass along the news.</p>
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