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Running Vermont - Killington Area

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I am going to Vermont tomorrow night (Killington) for a long weekend. I want to do a 26 mile run on Friday morning (early...starting around 5 am) and I would ideally do the majority on trails but I would be just as happy doing my miles on roads also.<br><br>
Does anyone have any suggestions of a good route or trail that I might want to try out?<br><br>
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alright so i guess i underestimated the snow fall.<br><br>
I am going to just plan on running roads then...I really need to get this mileage in and i should be fine with running on roads I will just need to scout out some roads with some room on the sides.<br><br><br>
Thanks everyone.
I am kinda a wuss when it comes to safety so unless I feel safe that I am not going to be hit by a car, I wont even try to run...which would suck because I really need to get a long run in...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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