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Running Vermont - Killington Area

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I am going to Vermont tomorrow night (Killington) for a long weekend. I want to do a 26 mile run on Friday morning (early...starting around 5 am) and I would ideally do the majority on trails but I would be just as happy doing my miles on roads also.<br><br>
Does anyone have any suggestions of a good route or trail that I might want to try out?<br><br>
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John, might he be able to follow the Peaks snowshoe course in Pittsfield for as many laps as he was up for? I know it was well-marked on race day, so perhaps it would be packed enough to be followable, even without the tape? I guess the turns on the snowmobile trail crossings would be an issue.<br><br>
Does Killington have a XC ski center that might have a snowshoe trail system?
I present to you <a href="" target="_blank">The Killlington Killer</a>, a monstrous half-marathon loop.<br><br>
Two solo laps of this beast would be a major accomplishment. This will be great training for Pittsfield. Total elevation gain and loss is about 1000' per lap, primarily gained and lost in one single withering climb and one punishing descent. Even better, and probably safer because of the size of Rt. 100, would be to run the heart of this loop, miles 6-12, as a double out and back. This would double the elevation figures and keep you off of Rt. 100.<br><br>
The Mountain Road is tight and twisty, and very steep, at the south end, and commercially developed at the north end. Two shortcuts can tighten the loop to about ten miles. Rt 100 is a major road. It should have a very broad shoulder, but expect downshifting trucks.<br><br>
Otherwise, feel free to explore the minor roads with or
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Yeah. Killington is so big that there are separate access roads for separate sides of the resort, I gather. The Mountain Road provides access to a couple of the base areas that are well off of Rt. 100. It starts and ends at Rt. 100, but I'm not sure if you can pass from one end to the other in the dead of winter, even though it only skirts a short way up the mountain. There are extensions off of it to two different base areas, so even if the middle is closed, running from either end all the way up these full access roads would be a good, solid hike. Depending on ski conditions, there could be an annoying amount of traffic even on the mountain road, or it could be vacant.
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