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Running Moms & Dads, Tuesday!

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Good morning.<br><br>
I will hit the DDM for 9 miles with 3 x 2 miles @ HMP.<br>
Then, I see Jason at 7h30. I'm looking forward to it. I need some special twisting to get my hip in line.<br><br>
Everybody have a great day and get it done.
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Hey, sb. I just did my PT exercises and they hurt like hell, so I guess it still DOES hurt.<br>
Anyway, mine is on the outside right in the middle. Bending it hurts most (it didn't hurt so much when the ortho bent it for me, but when I use that muscle, it was painful). Mine hurts after about the first 1/2 mile.<br>
I think mine was from a misstep during a run less than a week after the marathon. My left foot was sore (not the one I had an injection in) and I was probably not running with good form. I remember when it happened and my knee has hurt since then.<br><br>
What's a graston?
LOL!! Sorry no help there, we have linoleum in the bathroom and so I use bleach!! With 3 boys in the house plus the dc kiddies, I am constantly replacing shower can only wash them so many times!! btw, I did have our boys sit down on the toliet and go until they got the hang of it a little more. It did help, but even 16yos seem to still have bad aim!! LOL!! is a technique that the use to break up scar tissue. Google it. my chiro applied a lot of pressure in that area with these special tools and pretty much rubbed the hell out of it. Hurt like a you know what too!! I was bruised but it did work. I had around 6-8 appts. The problem is mine came back, if you don't find out what caused it and fix it , it is a bugger to get rid of.
ok this old mama has to get to bed!! Night everyone!
Abb, I've had itbs and one thing I've learned is that there are lots of ways to fight it. The thing is so long - from calf to abs that there are all kinds of places to work on to loosen it up. A bunch of progress in one of them or a little progress in several will all work to take the pressure off.<br><br>
Aside from stretching and loosening things, if you run with a slightly shorter stride you'll get less knee motion and less rubbing. Again, just another little bit to add to the rest of the solution you come up with.<br><br>
The one thing though to really drive into your brain and remember long after this is fixed. You are now probably a little likely to get flareups if you run on a road crowned in the direction that squishes that knee. Think about being willing to cross the road and run on the other side if you encounter one with a steep crown. THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES TO RACES! Be willing to lose a second to weave over to the other side of the road, and then another second later in the race. By the end, you may be 18 seconds slower, but you won't have an injury recurrence.<br><br>
Sorry, I'll stop being your overprotective mom now. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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Hippo, thank you so much for the reassurance! I am glad to know that the PT I am doing is going to help. I will also DEFINITELY try running with a shorter stride. I think I can do that with no problem.<br><br>
As far as the road - you are on to something here. It's my right knee and I run on the left side of the road (and the road slants downward from the middle).<br><br>
I hope resting, meds, and a possible injection will break the cycle and allow me to get back to running soon. I just have to be careful about coming back too quickly.<br><br>
Thanks again for taking the time to help me, Hippo!!! You RAWK.
Seriously? I mean, yeah! Yeah! Come to SF!!!!<img alt="banana.gif" src="">
OK, I just totally pigged out. I didn't eat real food for dinner and ended up snacking.<br><br>
For Lent, I am giving up snacking at night. That will be a big sacrifice (which is the whole point) and it will be good for me. Not running is going to take away that calorie deficit I create every morning (even though I am replacing it with swimming and biking - it's not the same) so I need to be careful about what I eat.<br><br>
I have literally eaten two bags of goldfish in two days. I am not kidding. I need a 12-step program or something.
Me and my full tummy of goldfish are going to bed. I am going to feel like crap in the morning from all this snacking - I will have a food hangover and I HATE feeling like that. Uggg. Oh well. Maybe the steroids are making me hungry?<br><br>
Nighty-nighty, RMADS. Love you guys.
Uggg I just got home from work....I now have to psych myself up for an early morning run since DS ended up getting sick after school (no pukes yet, just a fever).
Hey Jen! Hey Abbie!<br><br>
I'm getting ready for bed so I can try to make tomorrow the 2nd day in a row that I get up early to run. LOL!<br><br>
*~*Sweet Dreams*~*
Oh no! I'm so sorry! I hope he works through it quickly and without spreading the germs!
Have a good run tomorrow morning Kristin! It's going to be gorgeous here.
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