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Running Moms & Dads, Tuesday!

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Good morning.<br><br>
I will hit the DDM for 9 miles with 3 x 2 miles @ HMP.<br>
Then, I see Jason at 7h30. I'm looking forward to it. I need some special twisting to get my hip in line.<br><br>
Everybody have a great day and get it done.
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Good morning,Ty! Good luck today and hope you have a good 9!<br>
I just finished 7 and doing some core work. I'll throw in some dips and push ups too.
I love dips. The dip/leg lift station I bought was a great investment.
Good morning, Alemma!<br>
Have a great run today!
Good morning, Monika! Sounds like a busy day for you! Have a good run.<br>
Good morning, Heather! Welcome to the early morning club. My day starts at 2:30, you beat me! Nice job getting 15 in and good luck at the dentist!<br>
Good morning, Lee! Glad to see you're using the bench! Have a goods run later!<br>
Good morning. Tri! Nice run and glad the family is doing well!<br>
Good morning, Abbie! Enjoy the spinning! Hope all goes well for you.
Good morning, John!<br>
Dick's sporting goods, 99.00!
Good morning, Andi! Nice to see you're getting better,., Hope your dad gets well soon.<br>
John, do you have a treadmill? I think it's the best way to get ready for Mt Washington. Now is the time to start.
Good morning, Myron.<br>
I've done it 3 times so far. twice in the 80's and then again in 2005.<br>
I think she came in 2nd back in 05. I read about the accident, too.
I can't imagine how these people can run up a mountain so fast.
Someone broke into 3 cars at our dealership, smashed the windows to get in.<br>
Last night the cops were here to dust for prints and take blood samples.<br>
Stupid me, I was in each car after the break in looking around. I'm sure they found my prints. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Nicole, when my youngest DD was little and the Pats were playing the<br>
Packers, she made up some signs too. One of them said "We hate green bags".
Just out of one car, a bunch of cd's.<br>
Nothing from the others. What a bunch of jerks.
American Gladiators?<br>
I'd do it if they have beer afterwards.
<img alt="surprised.gif" src="">ccasion5:
Ty, nice run. Glad to hear you're doing better!
Do you need it today? If not, I can cut you a key and mail it out to you.
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