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Running Moms & Dads, Superbowl!! GO PATS!

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I'm slow and late as usual.<br>
Going for 20.<br>
2.5 hrs on the DDM and the rest outside.<br>
I couldn't get much sleep, but since I did nothing yesterday after my run, I'm ok.<br><br>
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Marianne, I am glad I had to come home for DH to go to work. Otherwise, I think I would have run longer, which wouldn't be a good idea... I am trying to follow the plan, and not overtrain.<br><br>
Heather, I want yummy food <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> can't figure out what yet.<br><br>
Sb, I've been feeling really good. I think it has a lot to do with eating during the runs and taking walking breaks.
24.5 miles done. <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
Morning Guys! Just had to get on really quick and tell you that it is a VERY eventful day in our house. DD3's Polly Pocket is sick and puking in a tiny bucket (with full sound effects courtesy of DD3). <img alt="uhoh2.gif" src=""> Thought you'd like that <b>Kit Kat</b>. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> And DD7 is making signs for our Super Bowl party tonight (my mom is coming over). She just asked me how to spell Patriots and asked me to print out a picture of the Pats helmut so she can make signs and decorate. Thought you'd like that <b>Lee, Suds, Andi and KyKy</b>! I am going to try and squeek something in today so I can get some last minute points for the VRAA but I need to finish my proposal for this Church.<br><br>
BTW - DD3 just came in and asked if she can cheer for the Pats too. Guess it is 3 against one in this house!! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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I'm back... the group run was 16, I told my friend I'd run 18 with her for her 20... but I ended up running 19.75. Pretty quick pace... 7:33 min/mile avg pace so we were finished with our run well before 10AM I think we started at 7:10 (little grace period for the late comers). So we ran for 2:28 and change. She had a little more 'stick to it' attitude than me, and she finished up her 20 in the parking lot... I said to myself 19.75... close enough <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Nice run, sis!<img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hi Nicole and Kemp!
OMG, Myron... I need to digest your speed. You're freakin' fast!
It's kind of weird, but once you get going on a long run it's just autopilot. I think a lot of it is mental. I used to have these breakdowns. Really bad breakdowns. I used to do a lot of long runs by myself... I'd get to like 17 and just want to throw in the towel, then I'd try to push myself to do some hills in the last 3... I was miserable. That sort of thing is good for mental toughness, but I think it burned me out a little too.<br><br>
So I started running by myself, but for the last 3 or 4 I'd pick up Jaeger Dawg. I might still do that from time to time... as it's good for my speed, but Damn it's hard when you've run 15, and you're running partner is fresh and has 4 legs, and loves to run 7 minute miles like he's walking...<br><br>
Now, I've found a good little group to run with. We're all shooting for 3:15 this spring. We're all running our long runs about the same pace... it's nice. We just get going and talk about stuff... then once you get up to about 15 or so, your legs are just on autopilot. So much so that at 18, we said we were going to 'warm down' and our pace pretty much just stayed the same... (the road did flatten out there though).
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Myron, it's great that you found a group with the same goal. That's huge. I hear you about mile 17... my bump used to be at 16, now it's at 18. I don't feel like quitting anymore since my runs have gotten so much longer, but I start hurting at 18.<br>
Now, I know I will NEVER EVER EVER RUN A 7mm. If I ever get to that speed, it will probably last for 5 seconds and I'll drop dead right after... To run at that pace and talk about stuff blows my mind. You're a speed monster.
Ty - never say never... I know of a few people who started out running marathons in the 4 hour range who now run sub 3's, or in the low 3's. They are some of the coolest people I know, and fast....<br><br>
You're putting in some serious miles - and have some serious races coming up - you're going to do awesome!
Mykemp-WTG on your run, you are freakin' fast!!! I think my legs would fall off if I ran that fast!
Trust me, I'll be walking funny for the rest of the day, and I'll be going up stairs and getting off of the sofa like an 80 year old man.
Back from grocery shopping. I'm $150.00 poorer. Dh will not be impressed at my inability to shop cheaply!! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Now I have to go work on a website for my friend who is trying to put together a football league for the area.<br><br>
Myron ~ Holy Smokes you are fast!!!!!!!! I couldn't hold that pace on a 5 mile run - forget about for 20 miles!!!!!! What am I saying - I couldn't hold it for a full mile, I'm sure. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hi Batmomm and Rogue (I see you two below and I haven't said hello to you yet this morning!) and everyone else
morning!! I got my 18 in, 6 alone in the dark <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> and then 12 more hilly ones with Michael on the bike next to me. Myron, I ran down Courthouse today <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> how's that for action?<br><br>
Go Patriots! Athough it's really all about the snack for me since I'm a Green Bay fan.<br><br>
Nice running Alemma & Ty! Speedy running Myron!<br><br>
Go Ron Go!!<br><br>
That's all I knwo so far but must eat chocolate and shower....
Good Super Bowl Morning!!!!! I love football. I will be sad when this is all over. We had a great Highschool season and this NFL season was great it is sad to see it all end.<br><br>
Well my PF has gotten in the way AGAIN, so I only logged 3 miles this week. This week has been the worst PF week I think. My heel was burning, feeling better now that I rested, but all the same it is messing up my running.<br><br>
Since we are only on page 2 I get to do shoutouts!! Woo Hoo!!<br><br>
Ty: I don't even know where to start girlfriend. You are amazing. You just logged <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>47 miles</b></span> and change in a 24 hour period. Who does that?? YOU!!!!!!<img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""><img alt="icon_salut.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src=""> You are a true athlete. Rest, rest, and rest today!! Also if you are swollen maybe increasing your water consumption today would help. Just a suggestion since I would have no idea how a body would respond after 47 running miles!<br><br>
Alemma: Great job on <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>24.5 miles</b></span> today!!! That is awesome. What was your time today? I would like to get 24 in a week! LOL!<br><br>
MyKemp: You are a fast runner. Wow for 7am also!! <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>19.75 miles</b></span> done and Great job on the run and for keeping up with your friend. I am sure she appreciated that.<br><br>
Lee: Good for you for going back to sleep!! I love sleep, it is my favorite part of the day! LOL Hope you get your <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>6 miles</b></span> in!<br><br>
Cho: Ahhhhhhhh stretching I love those days!! I am glad DD stayed in her bed last night. My DS4 did the same thing, he was in his bed all night. He woke up this morning and said momma I stayed in my room all night!! I am a big boy!! He was very proud. Have fun at your SB party today and at Hannah Montana tonight!<br><br>
Suds: You are so consistent. I love it. Way to be always be there and always an inspiration. You rock. Plus you are doing <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>16/17 miles</b></span> today plus Super Bowl???? Awesome!!!<br><br>
Moni: Hey there lady, I haven't chatted with you since you moved in. Congrats on the new beautiful house!! Enjoy your run today!!<br><br>
Marianne: I hope you get your <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>15 mile</b></span> run in today!! Did you come up with a treat for DD yet??<br><br>
Hi Amber!!!<br><br>
SB: Have you had chance to run yet? Good luck on getting your <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>7/8 miles</b></span> in today!! How is the weather this February morning??<br><br>
Good Morning Heather! Do you have any Super Bowl plans today?<br><br>
Nicole: Your life is crazy and fun all at the same time!!! ((((Polly Pocket))) hope she feels "better" soon. BTW- I thought of you yesterday, I have searched all over our area for webkins cannot find them anywhere!! I wish I had a toystore like yours to go to!!!<br><br>
Fer: Good luck on your <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>15 miles</b></span> today. I hope the weather cooperates for you. Do you have to work today?<br><br>
Batmomm: <span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>18 miles</b></span> done and in the books. WooooHoooo!!! How many miles did you do this week?? Plus you have mil there!! Good job for running your little heart out!!!<br><br><span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#FF0000;">RON: Good Luck today in Huntington Beach!!!!</span></span><br><br>
Okay, That is my shoutouts. I hope I didn't miss anyone!!!<br>
***Note the blue bold fonts. RM's And RD's ROCK!!!!!!!!!
hi marianne!! is it a youth football league or a mens one? just curious. And hey nice shopping <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
tks for the vote of confidence.<br>
Before I think about being faster (or not as slow), I need to lose some serious weight, which won't happen anytime soon, taking in consideration my will power for that.<br>
I would like to run a sub 4 some day, for the heck of it, but that's already taking a long shot.
I know...look at all those miles? We've got some pretty amazing runners around here!!!!
Hi Lovies ~<br><br>
Never had a chance to get back on yesterday because life kept getting in the way.<br><br>
Ran 7 this morning.<br><br>
I let the kids get dwarf hamsters yesterday. Of course, we couldn't get one cage for both hamsters. Oh no, the kids wanted their <b>own</b> cage so they could keep the critter in their room. So, got suckered into buying 2 of everything..... I'm such a softie.<br><br>
Don't know what we'll do about tonight's game. DH is on call so not sure what time he'll make it home. Bummer.
<b>Ty and Alemma...... You both ROCK. <span style="font-size:xx-small;"><span>I can't wrap my feeble brain around your mileage.</span></span></b>
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