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Running Moms & Dads, Superbowl!! GO PATS!

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I'm slow and late as usual.<br>
Going for 20.<br>
2.5 hrs on the DDM and the rest outside.<br>
I couldn't get much sleep, but since I did nothing yesterday after my run, I'm ok.<br><br>
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Good morning, Ty! Love the new avatar! Can I borrow some of your stamina, please?<br>
Good morning, Alemma! Have a great run!<br>
Good morning, Have a good run out there!<br>
Good morning, Lee! Last night must have been the warm up for you! Have good 6 later.<br>
Good morning, Chosha! Have a good rest and enjoy the rest of the day.<br>
I'll be doing 16 or 17 today, then it will be time to prepare for the big game!<br>
The party is still at my house-come on over everybody!!
Good morning, Monika! Hope you enjoy your run. It will be fun with a new route!
Good morning, Marianne! Good luck getting the run in!
Hi, Ky!<br><img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
This month's Runners World has used my name without permission on page 49.<br>
I will let it slide this time.
Well, I finished my 17 miles, now it's time to shower and then warm up my eating/drinking arm. This is serious cross training here!<br><img alt="surprised.gif" src="">ccasion5:
Wow-everybody had some great runs today!<br>
Hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the game.<br>
Ty, glad to hear all went well!
OH MY GOD!<br>
It's not your drinking hand, is it?
Ty, do you know if they're only available online?
Thanks for the link, Ty!<br>
Lee, sounds like you're ready!<br>
Ok, I'm off to the shower.<br>
Have a great day!!!
That is my plan. Whether I like it or not.<br>
This time I'm really going. I'm starting to stink up the room.
1 - 14 of 331 Posts
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