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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>East run for me this morning, now it's time to crest the Hump!</p>
<p>Ron, you guys have earthquakes for breakfast and keep on going. We have a tremor and it's headline news! I didn't feel anything in the town that I work, but DW works in downtown Boston and her building was shaking. Not what we're used to around here!</p>
<p>Have a great day everybody!</p>
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<p>Hey Paul!  I didn't feel the earthquake although some of my local friends did.  That must have been scary for your dw!  Glad you had a good run this morning.</p>
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<p>I had a really nice run this morning.  I was going to go to bootcamp but got up a bit early and decided to run instead.  My car told me it was 48 degrees out but it felt a lot warmer.  I ran 10miles and started out feeling sluggish but by mile 6 or so I was feeling really good and finished up the last 3 miles much faster than the first part of the run.  My legs felt good and it was just fun to run faster.</p>
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<p>Do you all keep track of how old your shoes are?  I have been trying to figure out how old my shoes are and I realized that one pair of Newtons that I run in occasionally is over a year old and my other pair of trail style Newtons which is what I run in mostly has got to be 8 months old.  I trained for and ran Boston in those but they still seem to be OK.  I guess it's probably time to think about replacing them, though.</p>
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<p>We were going to go to the beach today but the weather is not cooperating.  Not nearly as warm as it was supposed to be and my kids don't want to go.  boo!</p>
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<p>I want your weather Ron!  The weather has changed here and we are heading into fall.  It's been cold at night and I hate it!!   Hope you have a good workout later.</p>
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