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Running moms and dads, Wednesday

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<p>Good morning.  I wimped out this morning and cycled inside instead of running.  Tomorrow is a rest day.  It is a cut back week for me.</p>
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<p>Suds - I am running the Paddy Kelly on Sunday.  Interested?</p>
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<p>Good morning Andi! I hit my TM as usual this morning. I'm looking forward to my rest day on Friday, but tomorrow I have hill repeats to get through first.</p>
<p>I was looking at that race, I did it 2 years ago and liked it. It's nice running through the park without having to worry about traffic.</p>
<p>I'm supposed to do 19 on Sunday's long run so unfortunately it won't fit into my plans this year.</p>
<p>Good luck and enjoy the race! Have you done it before? It's relatively flat, some gentle rolls and only one real hill. It's a good PR course and a nice spread afterwards.</p>
<p>Ron, we're getting a break from the snow this week, but the mornings are pretty cold. Single digits on my drive to work but warms up a bit during the day. I need a vacation some place warm.</p>
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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