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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>Another easy run this morning, still coming back slowly.</p>
<p>Sisu, have a safe trip. Glad to hear you're getting in some pain free runs.</p>
<p>Johnny, take care of that calf, you have plenty of time to heal it up. I have to get some help with my leg soon. Sisu gave me some references to some ART guys in my area, I just need to get my ass in gear and make some calls and plan on getting looked at.</p>
<p>SB, hope you enjoyed the banquet and got that run in too!</p>
<p>Amber, Hope all is well! Must be pretty chilly out there on the horse!</p>
<p>Ron, what's the horses name? Splinter?</p>
<p>Jen, sounds like you had a great time in DC!</p>
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<p>Paul-LOL about the horse being named splinter.  It does have fur.  I felt so funny pushing it around in the cart at Costco yesterday.  It took up the whole cart and people were staring. </p>
<p>I am headed back to Idaho today.  I am very excited to be with my girls, but not happy at all about leaving the rest of my family behind.  </p>
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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