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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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Good morning!<br>
I had a nice easy 4 this morning. Now I'm doing my weights and crunches.<br>
How is everybody this fine morning?
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Chosha- I hope DD feels better soon. DS is one speedy guy. WOW.
Ky - He thinks I'm ridiculous. He doesn't care about debt as long as we can make the minimum payments and nobody comes knocking on the door. I, on the other hand, would prefer to not make the banks rich and keep some of it my own pocket. I pay all the bills, he spends all the money! I think part of the problem is the boy's club environment he works in. A lot of the guys have 2nd jobs and most only have a bachelor's degree or no degree at all. They have a lot of free cash to spend. Well, what dh doesn't get is that he doesn't work 2 jobs and he has student loans that need to get paid. He can't have that amount of spending money if he wants to eat!
I saw your question, but it was already answered. I used to run sometimes with Tall Bob (who used to be the Grand Pooh Bah of the Grand Prix Points) As he explained it to me - at the RRRC races, you can volunteer anywhere, and get credit... at the contract races the RRRC gets paid to work the finish line (that's one of the ways the RRRC makes money)... so the club members get Grand Prix points for working the finish. Now... if you show up at the RRRC Truck, sign in, and someone from the RRRC sends you elsewhere - I would guess you'd still get points simply because A) you signed in... and B) Someone from the RRRC sent you elsewhere... so you were doing as directed.<br><br>
I ran 10 tonight (I think) on the TM. I sort of had a minor setback about 50 minutes into my run (might have been 51 or so minutes..) I accidently pulled the emergency shutdown thing off... whoops... so I counted the first part of my run as 6 miles at 50:00 - then I ran 4 in 32:39. So I might have been just over or just under 10... my guess is just over 10...
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We have an all-comers track series in the summer. $2 all the events you want to run. (well they switch up the featured events each week). Anyway, I've learned a little about track and myself because of this <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I love the 400! It's fast, and hard... I always pull my hammy's in the 200, so I skip it now... I'm beyond slow in the 100.<br><br>
Best of luck to your DS in the 200. I think it's a great event to watch... watching the runners start staggered, and come out of the turn together. It's pretty amazing.
Oooops! Well you had a good run anyway! WTG!
My goodness! We're watching the news and this guy was shocked w/over 80000V of electricity attempting to steal copper from an electric substation. He was on fire over 100% of his body. He's in extremely critical condition.
Yeah... it was my fault... I don't wear the little clip I just throw it in the tray... so if you can picture this...<br><br>
The Red Magnet thing was in place, the Clip was in the tray... my gummy bears were in the tray... yeah... sometimes I treat myself to gummy's on the treadmill (kinda hypicritical given my discussion on food the other day I know <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) anyway... I reached down at 50 mins for some gummy's, and my thumb snagged the chord by the clip, and whooooopsie...
Myron- I do it all the time...(I'm a bit clumsy)
Oh man... we've had problems around here with copper theft too.. but no reports like that.<br><br>
That's awful!
Where's Hippo tonight? He hasn't been on today at all.
OK - I am finally going to bed. 4:45 is going to come way too early!
Hey Andi. I'm right behind you. I've got to get up early for my run too.<br><br>
That happened to a guy here in Denver a couple of years back. Idiot. He died, of course. And I feel bad for his family. But I'm an electrician. I have these guys breaking into jobsites all the time, stealing wire thats locked up (I've seen the big storage containers stolen overnight before), or already installed and turned on.<br><br>
Sorry. Had to do that.
Geez, cho. Thats why I run at night. That and work starts at 6:30.<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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