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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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Good morning!<br>
I had a nice easy 4 this morning. Now I'm doing my weights and crunches.<br>
How is everybody this fine morning?
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I did my 4 last night today is supposed to be 8 so I will have to try to get that in after work somehow.<br><br>
suds- Good morning. You sound like your in a good mood today.<br><br>
Ty- Do you think you will do more ultra's now that you know the training<br>
that is involed?<br><br>
Heather- Nice workout. your just as consistent with suds with your<br>
crunches and push-ups good for you. ANd the is why you look so<br>
good in your bikini <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> good for you!
Hi kitty- hurry hurry hurry get that 5 in run like hell <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Marianne_ Hey there. I hear ya on the tired thing I need about 5 more cups<br>
of coffee LOL! Did you register for RI yet? I'm going to do it next week. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
You will be fine. I have 17 this weekend what about you?
I should probably sign up since I've been slacking since it stopped.
Andi- Thanks for having faith in me <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Glad your foot is feeling better.<br><br>
I'm signed up for vraa. I need more motivation.
aNDI- That's funny my kids do the same thing and I'm always telling them<br>
to use the downstairs bathroom I get " I don't want to go all the way down there" LOL! like its soooooooooo far away.
cHOS- Poor dd. ((((dd))) I hope she feels better soon. Good job on the run!
I let me dd have 10 kids sleep over once for her 10th b-day<br>
never ever ever will I do something that insane again LOL!<br><br>
I don't mind one or two but more then that no thanks.<br><br><br>
Who watches American Idol? I love love love the last kid<br>
I think his name is "david" he is 17 he is so adorable!
Oh I don't know about that. Along with a bunch of 10/11 yr old girls<br>
comes alot of drama and crying and bickering uuuuugh. I actually<br>
felt really bad for my dd at that party cause so many girls were<br>
being catty and dramatic and my dd said that this is not the<br>
party she thought it would be for her big "double digits" party "10"<br>
So I've learned my lesson.
That's what I was just saying to my co-workers he is so cute<br>
when you watch him you can't help but smile.<br><br>
He does seem really young and innocent for a 17 yr old.
That's why I will never do it again LOL!<br><br>
1 or 2 girls nothing more.
That's why I felt so bad my dd isn't like that at least not yet<br>
but a few of her friends didn't get along so well with a few others<br>
uuuugh. I'm like come on it's a F'n party cake,pizzas,movies<br>
etc what the hell can you fight about.
Hi jeans- Enjoy the cuddles <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Have a good day. Rest thosse legs!
I got that from some girls it was late they wanted to go to bed<br>
some didn't one wants to sleep with the tv on the others didn't<br>
of course they all want to sleep next to my dd cause she is "there"<br>
best friend blah,blah.blah oh and one girl had A.D.D and just is off the<br>
wall. It was actually very comical LOL!<br><br>
This year I took them to the movies came back for pizza and 2 slept<br>
over that went great. And for dd's 7 b-day I had most of her first<br>
grade class over I rented a bouncy "moonwalk" and had pizza and they<br>
were all great.<br><br>
I've done it all though the little gym. The holiday Inn pool party,<br>
the bowling alley, A indoor funzone place, The rollerskating rink<br>
on and on... I like having them outside the home less clean up <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Staci- oooh 10 days before your cruise yipeeee!!!!! your going to have<br>
so much fun!<br><br>
Moni- Have fun shopping. Can you pick me up some Red sox ice cream<br>
while your out <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hi marine,mykemp
I'm hungry I think I will be off to get some pizza in a few mins<br>
I've been craving it.<br><br><br>
Ky- WHERE ARE YOU TODAY???<br><br>
gaela- I hope no-one gets the bug or strep yikes.
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