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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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Good morning!<br>
I had a nice easy 4 this morning. Now I'm doing my weights and crunches.<br>
How is everybody this fine morning?
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hi Suds, I have 5, but my go for 6 to compensate for yesterday (I'm 2 short). But it will be more walking than running...I'll work on some stretching between miles today.<br>
I need to start using the damn balance ball I bought <img alt="rolleyes.gif" src="">
my body is tired of this training... I still have 1 cut back weekend and 2 big (HUGE) ones before taper... the weekend after this one and the following I will be running forever for 2 days. It will hurt.<br>
I feel better about the bloating, but my joints are falling they just say NOOOOOOOOOOOO when they see my running shoes approaching.
that's the good thing about all the walking breaks I do on my training... they really make a giant difference in recovery and I've been transitioning better, so it doesn't hurt as much when I flip from one to the other. Last Sunday, even after my Saturday hell, I ran the 20 averaging 11:57mm even with the 2 minute walking breaks every 20 min running. I also walked maybe 2 hills out of the breaks to save my legs. And my last 2 miles were the fastest ones. So, I feel I am getting more comfortable with the time I'm on my feet... My hip doesn't scream anymore as bad as it did before.
quick hi again before going to work.<br><br>
Played around with 6 miles, I walked flat, inclined, ran flat, inclined, did alternate running and walking breaks... it's done. I'm still 1 mile short for the week and will make up for it on Saturday, but no drama. If I don't, whatever...<br><br>
LEE, I want to do more ultras, but I need to give DH and DD a break first.<br><br>
Andi, I really hope your foot leaves you te friggin alone.<br><br>
Kit, you are too sweet.<br><br>
Heather, closed for what?<br><br>
Marianne, good morning!<br><br>
Hi Cho!<br><br>
Hi Moni!
((((((((((((((Cho's DD))))))))))))) oh no... <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
you are my PITA aren't you... lol <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
it's not about the mile, it's about the discipline. I have the tendency to REALLY slack when I slack. So, if I am tough on myself about the little things, I keep sending my brain little reminders... it's ok that my brain has stopped working a while ago, but my legs don't know that yet since they don't really communicate. Does that make sense? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
Cho, I'm with the Archuletta boy too. He is freaking cute and shy... he makes me laugh about how nervous he gets when he has to talk.<br><br>
Batmomm, break out the clorox wipes on the boys throat <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
monikam... you're weird... <img alt="rolleyes.gif" src=""> this grocery shopping thing gives me chills!!! WTG on your run!!!
Hi. I am home for the day. I had a tough morning and now I admit that am feeling fucking sorry for myself. I need hugs. kplzthks.
I finally went to the dermatologist today and she decided a really needed a biopsy. It can be nothing. It can be bad. Her billing staff was magnificent helping me to evaluate the $$$ damage and I decided that I had to go for it.<br>
Everything very simple IF worked as expected.<br>
My body did not absorb/react to the anesthetic (she used 20 x the usual amount for the procedure), so I told her fuck it, go cold turkey. It hurt so fkn bad that I was sweating profusely. I almost screamed, but told her inbetween my crying to keep going. She had to take a deep chunk off my skin (yeah, with all the layers and whissles).<br>
Then she told me: now I have the option of putting this medicine on or to cauterize (sp). Since you are not numb, let's do the medicine because the cauterization will hurt too much. It will still sting and burn. Sorry, it will hurt.<br>
So, she puts the medicine on that burns like a son of a bitch. Waits a bit and says: honey, I am really sorry, but we will need to cauterize, this didn't work either. Can you handle it?<br>
Well, I think I don't need to detail that part.<br><br>
When she finished I was shaking so bad that she didn't let me leave for a good while.<br><br>
I just didn't need that. Not today.<br>
My boss made me come home. I am crying and feeling sorry for myself but I have no fucking chocolate or ice cream.
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tks gaela, I've had that happening to me a few times at the dentist too... poor DH<br><br>
Tks Andi... I may bother you a little later... I am trying to remember the name she said. I forgot everything.
tks Lee... I tried but he answered the phone whispering. He is in a meeting. he may call me later and I'll ask...<br>
I just don't want to move right now... my energy level is zero.
ok, so I need to forget Google until Monday. I should have not done that.
I'll let DH do the job... I don't have the extra cash to play...
she said she wanted to put a rush on it. If not Friday, she thinks Monday.
Hi Fit! I haven't seen you since forfreakingever!
Gaela, honey, last thing I need now is a heart attack, so please stop jumping in front of the friggin cars, k? I know you love adventure, but that's a bit too much for me.
What sucks is that I wasn't thinking about the biopsy results until now. And suddenly I got freaking scared to death.
tks... I love that picture of her all proud of herself.
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