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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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Good morning, Kyky! Oh. You're not up yet.<img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
Ok, I'm off to do my run.
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Good Morning. I am getting ready to head out. I should be doing 7 - we'll see.<br><br>
Suds - Nice workout this morning. Have a safe ride to work.<br><br>
Alemma - How are you. Haven't seen you around much lately - miss talking to you!
33* feeling like 29* - better than I expected. I am off!
Hi Heather - How was ds's day yesterday?<br><br>
KKR-Good morning. Have a great run!<br><br>
Tri - GJ on the run.<br><br>
Ty - Nice job on the 5 this morning. Are you ready for this weekend?<br><br>
Abbie - Be careful! Have a good run and swim.<br><br>
Moni - sorry your morning isn't what you hoped. Spring will come - at least that's what I keep telling myself!<br><br>
My run was good. I stayed in my neighborhood since it snowed last night and there's no where to go when cars are coming. So 28 laps later I am a little dizzy, but other than that I feel great.
Hi Jeans - Definately need a lunch date today!<br><br>
Chosha - Good job on the 3. I can't wait to run in 40* again!
Moni - I just count them on my fingers. I should get a garmin to keep track of it for me! I keep hinting to dh that it would make a great Mother's Day gift.
Moni - I'm going to get one as soon as I can figure out how to grow a $ tree!
KKR - ooh, I hope he is ok.<br><br>
JB - Glad to hear you are feeling better already. Get it checked out, but hopefully it is a quick fix.<br><br>
Marine - Loved your pic last night! And thanks for the morning chuckle.<br><br>
batmomm - I just found out that one of my trees fell on my neighbors fence the other night. Looks like I'm going to be shelling out some $ for that.
batmomm - don't worry - we will get it checked out. We are really good friends with the neighbors and they are psyched since the fence was almost falling down anyway and now they can replace it. Have fun at story hour and shopping! I'd rather do that than paying rich people's bills for them!
abb - I don't know, but I think batmomm gave you instructions in an earlier post.
runrmommy - I am jealous of your day! If your lower back is hurting it might be from having tight hamstrings. Try doing a little yoga to stretch them out - it always helps me.
Hi sisu - You are coming down next weekend, right? I am excited to meet another RM!!
runrmommy - I am not really jealous of your day - just wanted to make you feel better!<br><br>
Jen - You did not overreact at all. I don't go in with my kids anymore, but I certainly could if I wanted to and I did when they were younger and nervous. Also, if your child does not have issues with cavities then you can most certainly go longer than a year between x-rays. We don't have dental insurance so my dentist does them every 18 months to 2 years instead.
Mykemp - Thanks for the thought on helping with the fence. The fence is really old and rotting away and they already replaced the front with vinyl and now will be doing the side on the insurance companies dollar. They were going to replace it this year or next anyway so they are not too upset about getting it for cheap! Plus the picnic table that was rotting also got damaged so they are not sad about that either!
KKR - That is crazy weather. We are getting downpours today. Luckily it was only misting during my run this morning!<br><br>
Mark - Glad you are ok!
Thanks guys - but there are others that run in far worse than what I have. When i think about whimping out I remind myself that it's much better than the temps sb deals with!
QOD - KKR, I am with you. We do not celebrate Valentine's Day. I feel it is for people who are dating. We have an anniversary to celebrate our relationship - we don't need V-day. On the other hand, I do try to make it special for the kids since they love it. I get them a little something and will make pink heart pancakes for them.
QOD 2 - I got each of my kids a love frog webkinz and a card.
IMHO - I think you should all make pink heart pancakes for the kids tomorrow. I'm telling you - they LOVE it and look forward to it every year.
((((((Ty))))) - I hope you feel better and the sickies stay away!
LOL - I don't think that was what he meant either!
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